Real Cases


Life science equipment company

How we multiplied the Australian business of a European life science equipment company in just four months

The situation

We worked with a European life-science equipment company who were established and running in Australia for ten years but with limited success. Being distributed by a large global distribution company, their products were never actively marketed, but only offered if a prospective client explicitly requested them.

All sales and marketing decisions were taken based on perceptions, not facts. Moreover, there wa a lack of understanding of the Australian market, and the position of the competing manufacturers and distributors was not clear.

As a result, customer satisfaction and sales deteriorated year by year. In this case, the distribution partner was unable to needs of the customer. There was no evidence of tailored solutions based around customer requirements and subsequently, distribution decisions were made without this key element.

In order to find out what they needed to do to grow faster, the company contacted Asia Dynamics to do a market survey to help them to better understand the Australian market. We asked specific questions: What is important to Australian customers, how do the customers perceive the brand and how could the business be brought to the next level in terms of sales volume and professionalism?

Our approach

To be able to define a compelling strategy for growth, the first step was to establish a sound factbase on the Australian market:

  • Overall Market Size (units sold per year)
  • Market Share per Competitor
  • Key applications and their volume per year
  • Customer requirements per industry / application

As no sales planning had been established by the former distributor, Asia Dynamics set up a temporary call center to identify and validate each potential client in Australia – in total 2’300 addresses. Calling each and every one of these companies allowed us to verify their business scope, their key applications, the current equipment they use and identify imminent replacement needs.

Based on all this information the client decided to establish their own marketing, sales and aftersales operation in Australia. At the same time, Asia Dynamics took over the entire back office function, to ensure that the newly hired sales person could dedicate their time entirely on value-adding tasks.

Compelling Results

While Asia Dynamics took over the business development function, the sales team focused entirely on what they were trained to do: sales. As a result, sales got the jump start they desperately needed. By leveraging the comprehensive account planning, the sales organization was able to increase the number of leads by a factor of 10, and to increase sales by a factor of 5 within just a year.

In addition to that, the client was able to define a new blueprint on how new markets can be developed with limited resources - all of this within a short period of time.

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Swiss Manufacturer of Motion Simulators

The client is a global market leader in the development, design and manufacture of motion simulators.

These high-precision motion simulators are used in the aerospace, defense, automotive, and consumer electronics industries to test and calibrate inertial sensors (e.g. gyroscopes and accelerometers).


The client was aware of a significant market potential for motion simulators in Vietnam, which could not be assessed. The structure of the manufacturing industry was not known, nor did the client have access to any research institutions or key opinion leaders in Vietnam.


In a first step, Asia Dynamics identified all relevant research programs both in the public and private sector (e.g., aerospace, defense, consumer electronics). As most of these programs are not disclosed to the public, Asia Dynamics had to leverage local and regional networks to obtain this vital information. To access the promising market for motion simulators in Vietnam, Asia Dynamics established a team of Key Opinion Leaders which had first-hand information on the local markets and networks in this sensitive field. Leveraging this network resulted in the appointment of a distribution partner for selected industries.


Asia Dynamics opened fthe door to Vietnam for the client, who was able finally able to sell one of the most sophisticated motion simulators in Asia.

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Medical Supply Business

We met a Swiss startup operating a successful a medical supply business, with a focus on disposable hygiene products.


As most of their products come from China, this posed a number of challenges for the Swiss startup:

  • Which suppliers provide high-quality material?
  • Which companies fully comply with the respective CE regulations?
  • What is the best way to import these goods within shortest possible timeframe?


The approach of Asia Dynamics was to put a team of sourcing specialists together, both located in Zurich and in Asia. By speaking the local languages of the sourcing markets, we were able to dive much deeper into the supply chain to benefit from better sources, and to minimize supply risks. We looked specifically in to:

  • Overall Market Size (units sold per year),
  • Market Share per Competitor,
  • Key applications and their volume per year,
  • and Customer requirements per industry / application.


On behalf of this client, Asia Dynamics successfully built up and managed the function of the entire supply chain. Our implemented strategies resulted in the successful sourcing of millions of face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic for private and government clients across Europe.

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