What we do

The underlying goal of any business is to drive growth. This is Asia Dynamics’ sole aim: enabling European companies to grow in Asia, and helping Asian companies to expand in Europe. With us, your business is in good hands.

From Europe to Asia

Asia offers significant business opportunities for international companies. The market size and economic growth rate in this region is unparalleled. Accessing and being successful in these markets is, however, a challenging and complex undertaking. Our experience shows that many companies struggle in Asia, without a strategic partner they can fully rely on. 

From Asia to Europe

Leading companies from Asia see substantial opportunities to grow their European export markets, as Europe  provides economic stability and fertile ground for innovation.

Asia Dynamics builds for Asian companies their European business from scratch. By defining compelling sales strategies and building up distribution networks in Europe, we help Asian companies to grow faster & more profitable.

With our wealth of experience in conducting business in Asia and Europe, Asia Dynamics is the strategic partner you need in order to understand how the world of business works on both continents. We deliver solutions to grow your business.


Our core advisory services for Asia


After Sales & Logistics


What we don’t do

We do not offer tax or legal advice and we do not provide financial services. We can give you good recommendations from our network for experts in those fields on request.

Our clients

Asia Dynamics is offering its strategy consulting services to small and mid-sized European and US companies who are doing business in Asia or have an interest to do so in the future.