What We Do

Asia and specifically Northeast and Southeast Asia, offer significant business opportunities for international companies. The market size and economic growth rate in these regions is unparalleled. Accessing and being successful in these markets is, however, a challenging and complex undertaking. Our experience show that many companies struggle after entering a market in Asia without a partner they can fully rely on. Asia Dynamic is a partner that understand both worlds, coming from Europe and doing business in Asia for a long time.

We work for companies who are planning to establish or running an operation in Asia as well as companies who sell their products through local  distribution networks.

Our core services

Market Entry

Market Expansion

Transformation and Restructuring

Other services

As an Asia expert Asia Dynamics offers investment related services such as second opinions on Asia related topics in M&A cases and advice on specific topics for private equity investors.


What we don’t do

We do not offer any tax and legal advice as well as no financial services. If requested we will recommend you specific experts within our networks.


Our clients

Asia Dynamics is offering its strategy consulting services to small and mid-sized European and US companies who are doing business in Asia or have an interest to do so in the future.