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Vending machines in Japan selling everything from fruits to lingerie.
Asia Dynamics knows the right points of sales in Asia.
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8.5 million motorbikes flood Saigon's streets every day.
Asia Dynamics navigates you in difficult environments.
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China uses more cement in 3 years than the U.S. did in a century.
Asia Dynamics helps you understand market potential.
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Chinese dye pets to look like wild animals.
Asia Dynamics helps you adapt products and services in a proper way.
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Salmon was introduced to Japan by a Norwegian delegation in the 1980s.
Asia Dynamics makes your product a success in Asia.
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Japanese squared melons are easier to stack than round ones.
Asia Dynamics optimizes your operations in Asia.
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Korean men spend US$900 million a year for their make-up.
Asia Dynamics shows you unexpected opportunities in Asia.
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What we do

At Asia Dynamics, we combine local knowledge with a global approach to effectively assist European and US businesses growing their Asian business.

Who we are

Our team has three things in common: Strong academic backgrounds, profound experiences in business and a strong passion for Asia. All of us have been working and living in the region and gained deep understanding of business and cultures in many Asian countries.

Real Cases

The best strategy is worth nothing if the implementation fails. We show you examples of cases where we have helped companies to become (more) successful in Asia by developing the strategy and supporting the implementation.


Asia Dynamics recruits talents from a diversity of nationalities, educational backgrounds and life experiences. This implies that our team members possess unique perspectives and expertise, but what characterizes us all is the pursuit for excellence and success.